Dear Good Cause, piss off.

Dear Good Cause,

Just a friendly note to let you know…

  • When you put me on a mailing list because I signed ONE petition or used your interface to send ONE letter…
  • When I can’t use your interface without getting put on a mailing list…
  • When you spam me with multiple messages a week…
  • When the content of those emails is so broad that it doesn’t relate in any way to the issue I was originally interested in…
  • When every message is personal and URGENTURGENTURGENT!!!!!!!!!! And you can SAVE THE WORLD! And MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

That’s when I start deleting every message without reading them.

Because there are differences between using new media technologies to connect people and using them to bombard them.

Because when there’s this many URGENT MESSAGES, the deluge becomes indistinguishable from spam.

Because while these issues are important, there’s more to working for social justice than signing online petitions, and your automated letter and petition signing system seems to me to mostly be a way of making myself feel good about how wonderful I am for caring while providing an excuse for not doing anything more substantive.

Not at all fondly,

A former subscriber


One thought on “Dear Good Cause, piss off.

  1. Yes! I just ‘unsubscribed’ to a whack of these petition organizations because they were overwhelming. I agree it takes more than sitting a my desk and adding my name to a petition to make any effective change in the world. Oh that it were that easy! It may help in some small way to make whoever started the petition feel better but making changes – that’s a lot harder. I have no idea what happens to these on-line petitions, does the petitioner print them out and take them somewhere? Do they get emailed to someone?
    OK, I’m done ranting.

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