Cow luxuries

extreme closeup of cow
Cow photo by b3d_ CC BY 2.0

So I’m reading that Coke is going to start selling designer milk, and then I noticed a sentence in the article that made me blink. So I went to the partnering company, Fairlife, and from that to the site for their “flagship farm” (which as far as I can see is mostly a theme park) and looked for information about how they care for their cows.

We offer them 24/7 shelter and protection from the elements, while organic milk cows aren’t able to have the same luxury. …Our cows have comfortable sand beds and freestanding stalls, allowing them to walk freely while being protected from harsh weather. …We provide them with constant care and relaxation and they reward us with great milk. …Tour the dairy and meet our pampered cows…

Hm. I’d translate all that as “always kept in stalls in barns, but we are going to spin this sucker till your eyes pop out.” In which case words like “luxury” and “protected” and “relaxation” and “pampered” take on a kinda different flavour.

I think someone’s trying to sell me a bridge. What do you think?


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