Taking damage

screeenshot from Dragon Age: Inquisition
This is me.* Grrr.**

I’ve been suffering from some tendon/ligament problems in a shoulder for the past few weeks. I’ve gone through a frozen shoulder in the past, so it’s very clear to me that I do NOT want to go there again. I’m proactively getting physio and doing exercises.

The physiotherapist told me not to do any more computer work than I absolutely have to. As I’ve recently gotten a big illustration contract with tight deadlines that involves a lot of very controlled mousework, well, that’s not possible, but one does one’s best.

Alas, I also received a copy of Dragon Age: Inquisition as a present. (For those who don’t know, this is the third instalment of a single-player fantasy rpg video game, and won Best Game of the Year for 2014; I’ve been playing and replaying Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II for some years. In addition to whacking monsters, it’s very much based around narratives and character interplay, which is what makes it so attractive to me.)

I’ll just play a little to test it, I thought. Since I’ve finally got it.


I am now desperately making lists of shoulder-use friendly activities with which I can occupy my time instead of playing politics and killing demons and sealing rifts.

This is torture. I am going to go for a walk or clean house or vacuum the dog or something. Must. Not. Play. Game.

Pray for me.

* With my grrl Cassandra, who is scary tough and carries a big sword. Aren’t I pretty—I mean, very butch and scary—in my sparkly armor?

** Yes, this is a crappy screenshot. It’s crappy because it is actually a photo of part of my screen that was taken with my iPad. I took the photo with my iPad because Windows does not SAVE screenshots when you take them; you have to paste them into an image application. But I do not HAVE any Windows applications, and probably never will.***

*** Yes, it’s true. I actually set up Bootcamp and then installed Windows on my Mac. Just so I can play this game.****

**** And it’s TOTALLY worth it.


6 thoughts on “Taking damage

  1. Poor thing, go play with the kitties and The Dog but NOT the mouse. You’ll get better soon, so no discussion. Breathe, think calm thoughts, do your exercizes. Cassandra will wait for you to come back and breathe life into her again soon. & Please stop thinking about Windows, it only makes you more tense….

    1. I am doing my very best. I have sunk to washing windows. I am playing a little but I’m keeping it very limited and not for long periods.

      (And yes to the Windows stress…. argh.)

  2. PCs version of Windows come with Snipping Tool. Perhaps it was installed with your download. Very useful for capturing parts/all of the screen.

    Get that shoulder better. I have been having severe knee pain the last few days which prevents me from sitting with bent knee. Very little computer time as a result. So, I feel for you. Happy New Year.

    1. Ah, I will look for snipping tool, but I am not sure it’s possible to open another program when the game is running. Will find out, though. I am so much NOT a Windows person that I needed instructions on how to start up and shut down.

      I’m sorry to hear about your knee—that sounds even worse than a shoulder. I’ve decided that getting older sucks.

      But happy new year! I hope you recover quickly.

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