Explored a new trail today

salal and alders
This is the trail. Yes, this. Right in front of me.

An awfully pretty trail. It’s considerably better than a deer trail, having been made by single-track mountain bikers, despite what the above photo looks like. There are not many places where it’s confusing about what is trail and what is not.

It was also much brighter in there than these pictures show, but I didn’t want to flatten out the intensity of colours and contrasts by lightening them too much.

I was thankful to reach the connection to trails I know well before it started getting dark, though.

salal and alders with sun peeking through them
This, on the other hand, is not trail. Even though it looks like it should be.


2 thoughts on “Explored a new trail today

    1. Oh, this was walking. Apart from anything else, I’m not a good enough rider to do trails like this, or at least not without running into things and falling off, and I’m too old to want to do that.

      But yes, it was COLD. I warmed up after half an hour of fast walking, though.

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