Fog droplets on spiderwebs

fog droplets on spiderwebs 1

It’s been foggy for a few days, leaving everything very… damp. Yesterday while hiking I found a tree festooned in spiderwebs and dew.





4 thoughts on “Fog droplets on spiderwebs

  1. These photos are great they look like the nets under a traipse.
    something off subject; I was walking past a tree you had blog about oh about
    last Oct I think the title was “Is Anybody Home” and saw one mean spirited person
    had ripped the door off the hinges and tossed the door into the brush behind the
    tree. I have walked past that tree for a long time and really enjoyed coming around
    the trail and looking forward to seeing the cute door in the tree it really sparked the imagination. And no matter how many times I saw it, it put a smile on my face.
    I just don’t get why some people find it necessary to continually remove cute and
    interesting objects in our woods. Kill joys, people who lack the sense of fantasy and certainly don’t have a sense of imagination or humor.Bhoooo to who ever it was.

    1. Oh, what a shame. I hope the maker repairs it.

      I generally dislike unnatural, intrusive things that people put in the forest, but if they fit in and are things that seem natural in that place, and if you can easily miss them if you aren’t paying attention—those I love. Finding them is like finding a small treasure; in a way it’s a reward for paying attention.

      I also think that people’s mileage varies as to what they think are treasures. I’ve found things in the forest that I dislike, but I know that other people love them. I don’t see any need to destroy them just because they’re not treasures for me.

      My inner misanthrope says that the reason people destroy things like this is because (a) destruction is so easy that anyone can do it, and (b) those particular people are not capable of doing anything but destroying things, and don’t like it that other people can—a view of the world that is simultaneously sullen, hating, arrogant and entitled.

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