Reading with Bird

book propped on cat's belly

We like to read. (That won’t be a surprise if you look at the background.)

cat looking annoyed

Our cats like attention. (That won’t be a surprise if you know cats.)


Bird, in particular, prefers that you PAY ATTENTION to HIM. And lets you know it.


One way or another.

I must say that there is an amazing synchronicity at play here, considering what I was reading. From page 225:

Narknon put a paw on Harry’s chest and began licking her face; a hunting-cat’s tongue is much harsher than a housecat’s.

It’s The Blue Sword, by Robin McKinley. Actually, I was re-reading it—as I have done every year or two since I bought it in the mid 80s. It’s a go-to happy place book for me. And yes, despite my last post, I freely admit it—it is a hero quest.


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