A change of plan

big branch and golden retrieve

It’s a beautiful day today, warm and sunny and absolutely t-shirt weather, so we decided to go for a bike ride this afternoon. We got Our Dog loaded in the car and the bikes on the rack and were just about to fasten them down when this BIG gust of wind hit out of nowhere. There was a loud crack and we got to watch a big branch fall off a cedar tree (in our yard? the neighbouring lot? couldn’t tell) from wayyyyy up there (they’re big cedars) and crash down.

Oh, we said, perhaps this isn’t the best time to go for a bike ride. We put the bikes away and Dog in the house (where he proceeded to fart stupendously, alas) and went to see if we could spot the branch.

It had landed, of course, on our fence.

As the main purpose of the 6 foot high wire fence is to keep the dog in and even more importantly, the DEER OUT, its squashing was a potentially immediate problem: the dog wouldn’t have been able to get out, but the deer would have been able to get in.

We gave it a bit of time to make sure the wind wasn’t going to be silly again, and then I went out with a hand saw and cut through the branch about half way along it (with cleverly applied strategy and a rope to make sure the top part didn’t fall on me when I did so). At that point the diameter was only about 4 or 5 inches. (As I said, it was a BIG branch, it was probably 6 or 7 inches at the base.) The big half was in the neighbouring (undeveloped) lot, so I roped the top of it and was able to pivot it off the fence.

This is a picture of the half that ended up in our yard, along with some incidental debris that it had collected on the way down, such as the top of a douglas-fir. It looks surprisingly small in the picture; in real life, not so much, especially when you’re hauling it out of a patch of salmonberries, salal and periwinkle. Put together, I’d estimate the entire branch was a good 25 feet long.

At any rate, there was no bike ride but I did get exercise, I suppose.


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