Well, hot damn.

When we first moved to Gabriola seven years ago, I managed to get to the Coffeehouse open mic night a handful of times (mostly my work schedule didn’t allow this). And on a couple of those occasions I saw Shauna McAllister sing.

You know how some people have a stage presence that goes far beyond their technical skills, so that you are absolutely transfixed when they perform? For me Shauna McAllister is one of those people. I don’t even like country music, which is more or less what she performed, as I recall. But wowza.

She did a couple of performances on Gabe that I heard about but couldn’t attend (because work) and then I heard that she’d moved to Nanaimo, and I lost track of her. The other day I was thinking what a shame that was. But today, when while looking at something else on youtube, I noticed her name in the sidebar, videos shot at a couple of those island performances. This is one of her performing Hank Williams’ I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry with Victor Anthony and Nathan Tinkham at a benefit for the Commons, and here she is in concert with Nathan and Marisha Devoin, doing Folsom Prison Blues (that entire concert is up in one long video on YouTube if you dig a little).

So I checked to see what else might be online, and lo and behold: Jupiter Jill (also on Facebook). The album is Land of the Blind.

I am so delighted to find that she’s still making music.

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  1. Oh my gosh! FREE house concert for you and your lovely family and friends! For real…YOU ROCK!!! Thanks for all. X

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