Well, that was predictable

One wonders where these people keep their heads.

When B.C. Ferries announced a contest to name its three new foreign-built boats, the high-priced executives in those cushy corporate offices thought they’d struck public-relations gold.

Instead, they tapped into a deep well of public resentment and anger at the overpriced ferry system.

By late in the week, the idea had backfired into a social-media firestorm, as thousands of ferry users took to Facebook and Twitter to suggest bitterly sarcastic names using the #NameAFerry contest hashtag.

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2 thoughts on “Well, that was predictable

  1. Queen of the Cash Cow and Coastal Extortion have my vote; the HMS Cantafford is a close runner-up. The skimpy prize means my family could meet me in Nanaimo twice! whoopee! They couldn’t include a trip to Gabriola though.

    1. *snark on* Aw, you just have the wrong attitude. It’s people like you who make people think ferries are too expensive. *snark off*

      (I’m with you on Coastal Extortion, and I also liked Spirit of the WalletSucker.)

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