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water and sandstone A few interesting articles in the past week or two. Most recently, in this week’s Sounder I see that the Bridge-Free Salish Sea society met with provincial representatives this past week to express concerns about the whole issue of a fixed link to Gabriola.

“Mr. Richter confirmed that he would ensure that the Minister would be apprised of our concerns and of the very strong feelings we expressed regarding the entire process – how even the instigation of the study flies in the face of the established Islands Trust’s clear policy statement on no fixed links.”

Well, yes. That issue of the creation of a fixed link simply steamrollering over the policies of a lower level of government is interesting, isn’t it? Not to mention steamrollering over the wishes of a pretty significant number of islanders. But hey, if they don’t vote for you anyway, who cares?

And relating to ferries, from last week’s Sounder:

BCF cancels $4.9 million in service cuts to major routes. Now this is interesting. First they say that the hardship of the service cuts will be shared equally, then, well, no, they won’t. Specifically, they say this: “We did look at trying to find those savings on the major routes, we looked at options, all those came back to incurring more revenue loss than savings.”

Hello? I’m finding it hard to read this in any way other than, “We made statements about cuts across the board before we bothered to research how any of it would or could work.”

And that’s followed by the statement that with regard to savings on the major routes, “We were looking at things in the fall – that was raised, viewed publicly, there was backlash – it was decided at the provincial level not to proceed in that direction.” I’m finding it hard to interpret this in any way other than: a decision was made not to proceed based on political expediency, because the backlash came from people whose opinions counted, unlike those of coastal communities.

Yeah. Interesting is the word.


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