From the world pool: June 19, 2015


Sharonda Coleman-Singleton. DePayne Middleton Doctor. Cynthia Hurd. Susie Jackson. Ethel Lance. Clementa C. Pinckney. Tywanza Sanders. Daniel Simmons. Myra Thompson. 

Natalie Luhrs has a comprehensive set of links up, but I want to add a few more. First of all, this Foz Meadows post from Tumblr. I am white and I identify as a feminist, and I agree with everything said by feministbatwoman and Foz: not in my name. The whole idea of justifying the murder of black people by saying it is to protect white female purity is abhorrent bullshit. White women do not need to be protected from black men. Every white feminist, every white woman, should reinforce this message.

Also: mental health issues may cause someone to be violent, but it is the existence of systemic, institutionalized oppressions such as racism that tell them where to point the gun. The Charleston shootings were clearly racist, and it appals me that they might be considered anything else.

Empathy does not preclude accountability”: Jay Smooth on Rachel Dolezal.

Chris Bourg: “seems like a good week to recommend y’all add Racism Review to your blog feed.” Not a bad idea.

John Ross Bowie: “a gentle reminder: The confederate flag is about ‘states rights’ the way the swastika is about ‘fixing the German economy.'”  (via @eilatan)

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