This is what a drought looks like in our yard.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’m going to try to get back into it. As a starter, a rather depressing post…

Our yard is not a happy place.

dying cedar

I think we’ll lose at least 3 cedars this year; we’re talking trees about 50 to 60 feet tall.


The fir trees are doing a bit better but are starting to look pretty stressed. The little sequoia (only about 20 feet tall) isn’t happy at all.


The sword ferns, which normally stand at least 5 feet tall, have all gone flat. (This makes walking in the forest… strange.)


I can’t get terribly exercised about the periwinkle wilting, given how aggressively it spreads and persists, but the salmonberries sure aren’t happy.


And I’ve never seen the catalpa stressed before.


Sigh. I wonder how much will still be alive when the rain finally does come again?


6 thoughts on “This is what a drought looks like in our yard.

  1. This is very distressing. I fear for many of our beautiful trees in the lower mainland, as well as the shrubs that are clearly under tremendous stress. Whoever thought we’d be missing rain on the coast?

    1. Replying to all my comments late…. but I’m hoping that the recent rain is a sign of things to come, and it’ll continue off and on over the next couple of months. That would go a long way toward saving things.

  2. It is very distressing watching the plants and trees die, especially since I was responsible for putting many of them where they are now desperately trying to live.

    1. Yes! We’ve been on basic maintenance just-keep-it-alive mode, and that’s a bit iffy—not always clear where the “this will survive at this amount of watering” cut-off is. Though I must say the rhodos are looking MUCH happier after the past few days.

  3. Sigh. And, just to add to the general sense of gloom, how many will fall in the next winter’s winds storms do you suppose? I guess I’d better get some insurance.

    1. Well, they should stand for a year or so, I think. Which gives some time to deal with them, at least. But yeah. Insurance seems like a good idea.

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