The good news

I’m not sure whether it’s even safe to post something like this, as it might bring down the wrath of the gods. But…

well head

This is our well. The one that works. The one that feeds the house stopped working seven years ago; this one feeds the garden standpipes. It’s the only thing standing between us and everything-in-the-yard-and-garden-will-die.

On Thursday when I came back from The City and went out to water the garden, it wasn’t working. This was… depressing. Everyone’s wells are going dry here, so we figured that was true of ours too—and that would be the end of the garden. We can manually collect grey water when we have a shower, but there’s only so far that can go.

But luckily the weather changed over the weekend and there was enough rain to keep things going. And today the guys came to take the cap off and dig up the outlet and see what was up. And lo and behold, it was just that a hose had come unattached (red arrow) at the well head.

So it’s a relatively easy and cheap fix.

And what’s even better? When we looked into the pipe, there was water in it. Up to about a foot below ground level. As the well is supposed to be 400 feet deep, that’s actually a lot of water, and a very good sign as to the health of that well. Phew. *wipes brow*


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