From the world pool: February 19, 2016

I’m still catching up with the backlog, so some of these links are old—but they’re all still good.

Socio-political commentary


@leeflower: The Geek’s Guide to Disability This article iexplains the medical and social models of disability and puts it into a larger context of representation. “Debunking the same misconceptions over and over again is quite tiresome.” (via Natalie Luhrs)

Talk about invisibility: I take an interest in Arctic exploration, and never realized that Matt Henson was black. The Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum has information on him.

Nice to see this from one of my favourite bands: Alright.


Everyone’s offended these days.  An excellent look at the structural implications of giving and taking offense and the way in which technology supports it. (via Katherine Cross)

This is why social media platforms need to pay attention and be proactive about online abuse and not just pay it lip service.


Toxic masculinity: Men are dying because they can’t talk  (via Katherine Cross)

The UK explained sexual consent in the most British way possible.


The myth of “do what you love”.  “Do what you love is the ultimate individualist myth, one that normalizes a world in which most people have jobs that are just barely this side of tolerable, because if we are special enough, hardworking enough, and love the work enough, we will make our way to the top.” (via Tressie McMillan Cottom)


How Twitter helped Megan Phelps-Roper to leave the Westboro Baptists. Hopeful, chilling, fascinating, sad.  (via Foz Meadows)

Art + Design

Martin Hill: absolutely gorgeous environmental art.

Asking for free spec work.

Jewellry splints for people with various joint problems. What a brilliant idea.

Nest We Grow 

Just cool

Stark Images of Shackleton’s struggle.

Just for fun

Cape Breton Island offers refuge if Trump wins the presidency.

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