Monsoons and other diversions

flooded yard

We’ve had quite a lot of rain in the last 24 hours; I’ve never seen our pond as high. Which is to say, I’ve never seen quite as much of our yard under water. Soon the ducks will be able to swim from the pond to the slough.

flooded garden

Most of the garden pathways are under water too.

flooded yard with ducks

And at the other end of the yard, where we have a “bridge” to sit on in nice days, and to ensure that when the water in the pond is high we don’t have to squelch through the dampest part—well, the end is actually floating.

tree hanging on wires

And then there’s this hanging about outside our driveway. We’ve called it in, so I imagine someone will be along later today; they’re kind of busy at the moment.


2 thoughts on “Monsoons and other diversions

  1. Makes a drastic change from last summer eh? Contrasting photos of your pond, then and now, would be interesting…

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