From the world pool: March 11, 2016

fungus on old wood

Socio-political commentary

The Academic Publishing Scandal in Two Minutes. “Academics must generally hand away all rights to copyright of their best creations, creations that often take millions of dollars of public money to make. Even the editing process is done by academics acting as unpaid volunteers in a practice known as peer review. Once finished, the work is given permanently and for free to publishers who reap a higher profit margin than practically any other industry. Elsevier, the largest academic publisher, reports annual profits of over a billion dollars.” (via @mchris4duke)

Art + Design

Oh. Oh. Modern ruling pens. I’m actually so old that I was taught to use ruling pens to draw straight lines. But they were never like this, and they weren’t designed for calligraphy. Oh wow.   (via @TiroTypeworks)


How to keep a clean home: or, clearly, I really, really suck.

Just cool

The inadvertent art of tiny bodies. Gorgeous.

Beautiful photos of the Portuguese man of war jellyfish by Matt Smith.

Now this is a fire department that takes community relations seriously.

Just for fun

Apparently someone at The Guardian has had enough.

4 thoughts on “From the world pool: March 11, 2016

  1. It seems that many academics are interested in the publishing scandal. The site won’t open because of heavy demand.

    1. Wow! Well, it’s all about how academics do entirely unpaid work and the publishers make a mint off them—which I’m sure every academic who publishes is very, very aware of!

  2. I was aware that I was handing over copyright and I was aware that my students’ dissertations were being sold online but the game has changed since I was in it fewer than ten years ago. Apparently, now academics must pay big publishing houses to have their work published. Sibyl Frei and Louise Frei Lebelle know a lot about this. You may have met Sibyl.and Louise on the island.

    1. I had something published in 2008, my one excursion into academic writing, and was astonished to find out what the “norm” was. At least I didn’t have to pay them! I’m appalled that it would be a requirement. The big houses are going to lose everything to OA if they keep this up.

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