From the world pool: March 18, 2016

Socio-political commentary

The Turn-Around Guys: White Hetero-Patriarchy, Wealth, Paternalism, and the Willful Destruction of Public Education (via @tressiemcphd)

How my disabled son has changed my mind about political correctness“There is an inevitable backlash … to ‘political correctness gone mad’. And it’s true: prissily expressed PC attitudes do often look silly. The problem is that, broadly speaking, they’re also right. I know this with immense certainty. Without the prevailing wind of political correctness my life would be very different. The life of my son would be unrecognisable.”

(And… wow, the comments. Talk about illustrating the writer’s point.)

In the news

President Obama I’d love the log trucks.”

Just for fun

I’m not at all sure “fun” is really the right category for this video, but none of the others were either. Someone on Twitter made a comment about Sigur Rós, an Icelandic group I’d never heard of, pointing to one of their videos, and I just kind of fell down a rabbit hole for an hour or so. Ekki múkk is one of an experimental series of films made for their valtari album. It’s quite indescribable. I will warn that it has images of death and decay, if you’re squeamish about such things, but in context I found it quite beautiful.   You can find all the videos for the album here.

This is the greeting we all want to get when we come home. Warning: be prepared to adjust your volume.


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