Tree falling

arborist up a tree
It’s a long way up, even when the top is gone.

So… last summer we had a drought, and by the end of the season it was clear that we’d lost some trees. So today Tom the arborist and his assistant came in and took out four cedars and one fir. They were about 80 feet high.

arborist leaning back on climbing belt

(He also whacked a whole bunch off the willow over the garden, but that’s a different story.

chainsawing through trunk while hanging on climbing belt
Usually they take them down in woodstove-sized pieces, but we need them for a project, so they took them down in bigger lengths, aiming for 20 to 30 feet.

It’s sad to see them go. Our yard is… quite different now.

arborist pushing over top of tree
Once you’ve cut most of the way through it just takes a push. (And a rope to make sure it falls in the right direction.)

Even sadder is thinking that if this weather pattern of summer drought keeps up, as it seems to be doing I’m betting there likely won’t be any cedars to speak of on our island in ten years. Our forests are already full of dead cedars, mostly youngish, but not all. They tell me the taking-out-dead-trees part of their business has been insanely busy since last summer. And it looks like the fire hazard will shut everything down even earlier than last year; we were lucky to get them here before the ban on powered equipment starts.


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  1. I’ve noticed a bunch of dead cedars in Queen’s Park in New Westminster as well. I’m sad to say the palm trees are doing well. Not that I have anything against palm trees, but I’d really prefer cedars in what is supposed to be a rainforest….

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