Glorious from any distance

closeup of red legged frog's eye

closeup of red legged frog

It’s not just birds. We have both treefrogs and red-legged frogs like this one in our yard. Such a beauty!


6 thoughts on “Glorious from any distance

  1. glorious photos, thank you, Nola! i shall try to follow your blog now that i have been reminded of it, as well as your partner’s blog…

    1. There is something endearingly goofy about them. I often stalk them when I find them in my yard. I’ve discovered that sometimes, if you move verrrrry slowly, you can slide fingers under them until they are actually sitting on your hand. Once you’ve accomplished that you can lift them, as long as you don’t change their orientation to the sun—that seems to be one of the danger signals they react to. They panic if you try to trap them, of course, but simply insinuating a surface to sit on doesn’t seem to trigger panic in the same way.

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