Baby robins at a week

baby robins

And their eyes are opening!

It is astonishing to me how much they’ve grown since I took the first picture last Friday. You can see the difference even a day makes in the fledging between them, too, and how HUGE they are compared to last Saturday. No wonder adult robins look run-down.


3 thoughts on “Baby robins at a week

  1. The sounds they make when they are a bit bigger are pretty amazing. We have three in a nest in our yard and you are so right about the adults looking run down as they are constantly feeding!

    1. Three? Oh, the poor parents.

      Given the racket the adults make when there’s an owl in the area—as there was this morning, when they went on for HOURS—I’m scared of what the offspring will sound like. But we’ve already had to listen to weeks of baby ravens, nothing could be worse than that.

      Thanks for commenting and following!

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