Going, going…

two baby robins
July 25th

One of the babies has climbed out of the nest entirely.

one baby robin sitting on edge of nest
July 26th

The older chick has gone; this is the only one left in the nest, and it doesn’t look like it’ll be here much longer. Handsome little thing, isn’t it?

empty nest
July 27th: gone!

The nest was empty when I checked it this morning.

I don’t think it had ever quite sunk in for me just how fast robin chicks grow. Just as a reminder, this was the first photo I took, 12 days ago:

robin chick

I’m not even sure there were two of them at that point. There might have been; but in any case, this one couldn’t have been more than two days old, if it was that.

All I can say is… wow.



4 thoughts on “Going, going…

  1. Great bunch of photos – I won’t forget now how fast birds fledge (I think that’s the right word) – I had no idea before. Xx

    1. I kind of knew it was quick, but there’s a difference between knowing and seeing. I read something on robins that pointed out that some birds (such as ducklings and goslings) spend longer in the shell than they do, and are therefore “older” and more self-sufficient in terms of eating when they hatch; but I don’t think those birds fully fledge and fly nearly as fast as robins do.

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