The Fall Fair

So yesterday was the Fall Fair at the Commons.

the commons entrance

We hopped on our bikes and rode over—a great way to avoid parking problems—which meant that we came in from a side trail, and that meant the first things we saw was the agricultural exhibition; specifically, the animals.

rooster rooster

The roosters were particularly photogenic.

rooster crowing

And noisy.

skinny pig

Roosters weren’t the only thing on show! Look, a skinny pig (hairless guinea pig)!

jar full of beans

There was an opportunity to win… something? by guessing the number of beans in this jar. I don’t think I won.

gate sign to "the orchard"

The Commons is really very beautiful, and they’ve put up some lovely new signs.

dog show

There was a dog show. Every single dog was a Very Good Dog, and every single dog won! (I’m not sure if they were trying to pry the dog out of the tunnel in this one, or what.)


Our buddy Bonnie.

leonberger puppy

Our buddy Yolanda. (Yolanda is a leonberger puppy. At 13 weeks old, as I recall, she weighed 45 pounds. Right now she is the softest, floofiest snookums imaginable.)


There was a parade, led by the Ken Capon Memorial Marching Band.

salmon float

There was a float! It was all about protecting wild salmon and was pulled, of course, by a dog.

squash racetrack ramp

And there was, of course, the World Famous Squash Race. We left before that happened, but did get a good look at the racetrack.

All in all, as usual, a wonderful Fall Fair.


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