Watch out for those turkeys…

So I spotted this article today: Don’t feed the turkeys! Kimberley urged to outlaw feeding big birds. And I was struck by this line:

That has led to an increase in noise complaints along with concerns the big birds can damage property and be quite aggressive.

Now, maybe my experience is out of the ordinary, but I essentially live with feral turkeys around a lot of the time. I’ve never noticed that they’re particularly noisy—they call a bit, but rarely enough that I usually have a “what’s that? oh, the turkeys” response—and they’ve certainly never been aggressive. Even when they were in our yard, with poults, and I approached them. They just move away, making suspicious noises. The most exciting thing that ever happened to me with a turkey was having a tom block the road and display to my car.

Now I’m wondering if the turkeys here are more genteel and gentle than the ones in Kimberley, or if the reports might be a tad exaggerated…? What do you think?


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