path through snow

We’ve had rather a lot of it, haven’t we? Today it’s raining and the snow is super-saturated and heavy (this is the Voice of Experience speaking, as I went out and shovelled) and it’s altogether miserable and nasty. And yes, I know that it will melt, but it WILL MELT A LOT FASTER if one shovels.

But two days ago I went out for a walk in the snow and it was glorious.

truck that slid off road

Spotted a pickup that had missed a curve nestled into the wall of snow the plough had thrown up; I wonder how many of those are around right now?

dog making snow angels

Drivers might not like the snow, but Our Dog sure does. Doggy snow angels!

snow wall

The local meadow had clearly been used extensively; there were two snow walls, of which this was the biggest. It’s a semi-circle, and was about four feet tall at the lowest point (it’s built on a slope, so part of it was a good five feet high).

dog sniffing snow dog

There was also a snow person and a snow dog. At least I think that’s what it is. It’s a dog walking area, and Our Dog certainly thought so. (I’m not sure what the broom-spewing eyeballs on the person indicate? If anyone knows…)

dog wading in stream

Of course, Our Dog heads straight to water when it’s available. Not a good recipe when the next step is into snow.

dog making snow angels

It makes the snow STICK to your fur.

enormous arbutus in snow

But as I said, a lovely day.

deer tracks

And the snow shows tracks so well.

Today… ehh, not so lovely. But look at this: there’s green growing on the pond slush. Algae?

green streak on pond

Wait, what’s that thing on the right?

fallen branch on pond

That would be a hunk of tree that fell off. Guess it’s a good day for everyone to stay indoors and avoid things dropping out of the sky.

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  1. I too spent a great deal of time shoveling so we could get our car out of the driveway. The worst was the barricade created by the graters. I finally got it out of the way only to have them pass by again just now leaving another mound across the driveway. The snow may be beautiful but I can’t wait until it disappears!

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