Well. Um.

This is not a selfie that I would have ever predicted myself taking.

This poor little hummer got into the government liquor store this morning and then despite their best efforts with open doors could not manage to make her way out. I think it was just too confusing, with all the customers coming in and out, and all the red packaging to distract. By the time I got there she was pretty exhausted: much of the stuff she tried to sit on was slippery, so it was hard for her to settle. Wee hummer feet don’t cling all that well to metal bottle caps or smooth plastic bars and signs. Heads, apparently, are marginally better.

But I called GROWLS, and someone came with a net and saved the day: she was caught most efficiently and released outside. So bravo to GROWLS, and to Melinda who went home and got a feeder to see if she could be at least persuaded to drink (nope) and (even through it didn’t work) all the others who stood back and tried to make space and encourage her to fly out the front door.

I have to say I feel rather blessed.


5 thoughts on “Well. Um.

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  1. That is a photo worth keeping. Growls helped us last year when a hummer got into The Hive and flew up into the top levels!! The antics we tried let me tell you …. Blessed indeed. Too bad she didn’t stay put while you walked outside. hugs pjb >

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