Today I walked the Well It Used To Be One Trail and the Well It Isn’t A Trail After All Diversion. It was fun.

dense salal bushes
It’s not altogether an auspicious start when you almost can’t see the trailhead.
dog disappearing into dense salal
Or when your dog disappears—not to mention your feet.
mountain bike ramp in forest
But it really is a trail! Look, it even has a ramp, which Someone thought was pretty cool.
dog in moss meadow with small trees
And it wasn’t ALL overgrown, thankfully.
tag on tree
There was a marker at the first intersection.
stinging nettle
There were the usual hazards.
dry creekbed
This is why you can’t hike this stream in winter: the second half of it is a creek.
tansy ragwort plant
Damn. Tansy ragwort—invasive and toxic to livestock. I shall have to come back prepared, and get it out.
rough trail
Carrying on… streambeds do make for rough trails.
dry streambed between cedars
A pretty stretch in cedars
dog drinking from water bottle
Time for a restorative drink.
dog in grassy meadow
What a nice meadow. You can tell we’ve had a wet spring.
mint plant
And mint!
overgrown creekbed
More overgrown trail, er, creekbed.
daisies in grass below cedar tree
There are some very pretty spots on this walk.
dog drinking in pool
And—unusually at this time of year—there’s a good pool of water for Our Dog to get a drink.
deer ferns
And a nice patch of deer ferns
dog by fallen tree
It was a little later that I said, “Well buddy, I know what the first two intersections were, but I don’t remember this one. Do you think it’s more than a deer trail?” Dear reader, it wasn’t.
deer skull
Another inauspicious encounter, given that by this point there wasn’t even really much of a deer trail.
grass meadow with daisies
But I did know where I was, and where the main trail was (hurrah for GPS!) and so we came out of the bush at one of the prettier places in the area.
dog on narrow trail
And it was so nice to get back on a wide trail.


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  1. Just like being there with you – all from the comfort of my living room. Thanks for the doing all the heavy work…

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