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This is peak British Columbia: in an almost clear sky, the one tiny bit of cloud obscures the sun as it approaches maximum occlusion. (Photo of a pinhole projection.)

The eclipse in BC was only going to be 90% or so, but since this is still a rare event, I got organized to watch it. Well, not that organized; I didn’t acquire any special glasses to watch it directly. But I did make a viewing box, a pinhole camera without the photographic paper.


Then I decide to try to take pictures to document the whole thing, but as I didn’t have any special camera filters, that meant taking pictures of what the pinhole camera showed. The results were iffy; neither my iPhone nor my DSLR were particularly good at getting the focus right, and on top of that it’s hard to hold a camera and a viewing box and see what you’re doing and keep the viewing hole more or less blocked and the pinhole projection in the right place. This was the best I managed, and it’s pretty awful.


So I turned my attention to the eclipse’s effects on ambient light.

This is the light in our yard when the eclipse was about halfway, taken with a shutter speed of 160.


This is the same shutter speed, taken closer to the maximum eclipse. It’s significantly darker.


The sky definitely does not look like a sky normally looks at 10:30 in the morning.


It’s odd, in some ways it didn’t feel significantly darker, given that 90% of the sun was covered—but then you realize the difference it makes to the shadows.


These were also taken at shutter speed 160, at earlier and then later stages.


Oh, look.


The crispest image that I got of the eclipse is in a sunspot caused by shooting into the sun! Well, damn.

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  1. Pretty cool pics. Specially the last one. We were driving on Hwy 1 near Manning Park and we stopped. We had nothing with which to look at the sun and it just seemed that the light was strange. Glad to see your photos.

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