When I started thinking about creating this blog, I thought that I’d take small stuff as my theme—the things that get overlooked, the little things that underlie the structures of our world. I was delighted to find that “smallstuff” was available as a blog name.

A few days later, when I actually got around to creating the blog, “smallstuff” was no longer available. Much trauma ensued. I had to think again about what the blog was about. And, of course, find a name that someone else had Not Already Used, which is harder than you might think.

After a while “microfishing” entered my head as an alternative name. I’d be fishing for the small stuff, the unimportant stuff, the things that we don’t notice, and trying to bring them to the surface. For the punners, a “microfiche” is a sheet of film on which many tiny pages of printed material has been stored, and that also seemed appropriate.

So that’s what this blog is: an investigation of the small stuff we encounter in life. I think often it’s far more important on a personal level than the bigger stuff we hear about on the news. I think that if we look at the small stuff there are all kinds of things we can learn about our world and our place in it. I think that there is beauty in details, especially the details we don’t usually look at.

This doesn’t mean that I won’t blog about things that are less “small”—I’m not going to limit it.

Who knows where it will go?

Be nice.

On a more prosaic note, this is my blog. I da boss. I welcome visitors and comments, and I welcome opinions different from my own, but if I find your expressions of your opinions offensive I will disemvowel them. If I find them really offensive I will likely remove them altogether—so if you want your ideas to be heard, be respectful of others. It’s hard to offend me, but it is possible: ignorance, overt disrespect and plain old garden-variety stupidity often do the trick.

(Anything I see as spam will be gone before you can blink.)

I reserve the right to be nasty myself, in blogs categorized as “when a simple rant won’t do,” but you will notice that I set myself the following criteria for doing so: generic, not specific; and using creative insults instead of profanity, which is far too easy.


Except where otherwise indicated, all writing and images on this blog are by the blog owner and are copyrighted; if you wish to reproduce any in whole or large part, please contact me.


All photos up until the end of November 2012 are taken with an old Nikon CoolPix 5000. After that most (but not all) are taken with a Nikon D5100. Lenses: an 18-55 AF-S DX f/3.5-5.6G VR Nikkor lens and a Tamron SP AF 90mm f/2.8 Di Macro. (Now I’m saving up for a telephoto…)

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