Herring are running

By the time we got there the sea lions had gorged and were mostly just hanging out airing their armpits. 
A couple did come close by shore to check out Our Dog. Our Dog barked. Sure told THEM.

The bridge idea that will not die

c7ixj8qvaaazso6Well, this tweet is interesting. It’s from a CHEK News reporter; I assume he’s sitting in a news conference somewhere.

Not that there’s much likelihood such a proposal will come to pass, given the Conservatives’ electoral standing in BC. But I suppose it gives them an election talking point to try to show they are forward-thinking and different from the other parties.

UPDATE: yes, it’s a real proposal. Here’s a news article about it, and here’s the plank in the Conservative platform.


path through snow

We’ve had rather a lot of it, haven’t we? Today it’s raining and the snow is super-saturated and heavy (this is the Voice of Experience speaking, as I went out and shovelled) and it’s altogether miserable and nasty. And yes, I know that it will melt, but it WILL MELT A LOT FASTER if one shovels. Continue reading “Weather”

Watch out for those turkeys…

So I spotted this article today: Don’t feed the turkeys! Kimberley urged to outlaw feeding big birds. And I was struck by this line:

That has led to an increase in noise complaints along with concerns the big birds can damage property and be quite aggressive.

Now, maybe my experience is out of the ordinary, but I essentially live with feral turkeys around a lot of the time. I’ve never noticed that they’re particularly noisy—they call a bit, but rarely enough that I usually have a “what’s that? oh, the turkeys” response—and they’ve certainly never been aggressive. Even when they were in our yard, with poults, and I approached them. They just move away, making suspicious noises. The most exciting thing that ever happened to me with a turkey was having a tom block the road and display to my car.

Now I’m wondering if the turkeys here are more genteel and gentle than the ones in Kimberley, or if the reports might be a tad exaggerated…? What do you think?

The Fall Fair

So yesterday was the Fall Fair at the Commons.

the commons entrance

We hopped on our bikes and rode over—a great way to avoid parking problems—which meant that we came in from a side trail, and that meant the first things we saw was the agricultural exhibition; specifically, the animals.

rooster rooster

The roosters were particularly photogenic.

rooster crowing

And noisy.

skinny pig

Roosters weren’t the only thing on show! Look, a skinny pig (hairless guinea pig)!

jar full of beans

There was an opportunity to win… something? by guessing the number of beans in this jar. I don’t think I won.

gate sign to "the orchard"

The Commons is really very beautiful, and they’ve put up some lovely new signs.

dog show

There was a dog show. Every single dog was a Very Good Dog, and every single dog won! (I’m not sure if they were trying to pry the dog out of the tunnel in this one, or what.)


Our buddy Bonnie.

leonberger puppy

Our buddy Yolanda. (Yolanda is a leonberger puppy. At 13 weeks old, as I recall, she weighed 45 pounds. Right now she is the softest, floofiest snookums imaginable.)


There was a parade, led by the Ken Capon Memorial Marching Band.

salmon float

There was a float! It was all about protecting wild salmon and was pulled, of course, by a dog.

squash racetrack ramp

And there was, of course, the World Famous Squash Race. We left before that happened, but did get a good look at the racetrack.

All in all, as usual, a wonderful Fall Fair.

Solstice and strawberry moon

moonrise over the ocean

Yesterday I went down to a beach just after 5 am and watched the solstice sunrise with friends. There were seals, possibly an otter, a hummingbird, and passing orcas. There was a faint sundog to one side of the rising sun.

In the evening I mediated and watched the full moon rise just before 9:30. There were seals, an eagle in the tree above us, drummers on the other point, and a collection of people who are good to spend time with.

Solstice and strawberry moon, all at once. I’m told that it will be 70 years till it happens again. I made a conscious decision not to take a camera, in order to be in the moment, but I took some snaps with my phone.

The world is a beautiful place, especially where we live.

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