little friend

Just a little buddy I found in the garden when I was pulling periwinkle. I think it was under a rock I moved. I took some pictures and then set it back to run off back to shelter.

It’s a long-toed salamander. They’re generally pretty reclusive, but this is the second time I’ve encountered one in our yard.




We went to roll up the “door” of the shelter we use for odds and ends in our yard, and dislodged a wee treefrog that was under the overlap at the top of the door. It was quite happy to sit on my hand for a while, and actually had to be gently persuaded to get off. I put it back under the overlap, as seems to be a favourite place for the little guys.

back end of frog climbing under cover

Lawn swimming


Our pond is a wee bit overfull. The ducks were swimming on the lawn today. They didn’t like it when I came outside, so no pictures of them actually swimming, but…


trees reflecting in water between ice and rock…on the pond. It hasn’t quite frozen solid, so the open spots and edges have some interesting photographic potential.

rock showing under ice

mushroom closeup

Have some mushrooms.

We had some enormous ones this year; these photos are all of the same kind. This was an early stage before it started to flatten out.
mushroom closeup
mushroom closeup
And a bit dewy.
mushroom closeup
And a bit friendly.

Going, going…

two baby robins
July 25th

One of the babies has climbed out of the nest entirely.

one baby robin sitting on edge of nest
July 26th

The older chick has gone; this is the only one left in the nest, and it doesn’t look like it’ll be here much longer. Handsome little thing, isn’t it?

empty nest
July 27th: gone!

The nest was empty when I checked it this morning.

I don’t think it had ever quite sunk in for me just how fast robin chicks grow. Just as a reminder, this was the first photo I took, 12 days ago:

robin chick

I’m not even sure there were two of them at that point. There might have been; but in any case, this one couldn’t have been more than two days old, if it was that.

All I can say is… wow.


Baby robins at a week

baby robins

And their eyes are opening!

It is astonishing to me how much they’ve grown since I took the first picture last Friday. You can see the difference even a day makes in the fledging between them, too, and how HUGE they are compared to last Saturday. No wonder adult robins look run-down.

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