Yesterday I spent an hour and a half in a friend’s yard, taking pictures of tulips. I think it was worth it. More pictures will follow over the next days!

little friend

Just a little buddy I found in the garden when I was pulling periwinkle. I think it was under a rock I moved. I took some pictures and then set it back to run off back to shelter.

It’s a long-toed salamander. They’re generally pretty reclusive, but this is the second time I’ve encountered one in our yard.



We went to roll up the “door” of the shelter we use for odds and ends in our yard, and dislodged a wee treefrog that was under the overlap at the top of the door. It was quite happy to sit on my hand for a while, and actually had to be gently persuaded to get off. I put it back under the overlap, as seems to be a favourite place for the little guys.

back end of frog climbing under cover

Look who turned up

Our pond has had some visitors recently. This is the third time I’ve seen these wood ducks, so I’m hopeful that they are nesting in the area. They are very shy; it’s hard to get photos as even when you try from inside the house and are sneaky and trying hard not to be noticed they seem to have an incredible ability to spot you. (This photo was snatched as they were doing their patented nopenopenope exit.)

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