In the yard today

tree, ladder, branch

This took up most of my time in the yard today. It’s a weeping willow, and one of the trunks hangs over the veggie garden. I can’t deal with all of it with a pruning saw, so a professional is going to have to handle most of it. But I can deal with some of it! Yesterday and today I took off a couple of side branches; you can see where they were cut. One of the branches is in the foreground. It’s about six inches diameter where I made the cut, and yes, it was done with a pruning saw on a ten foot extendable arm.

It took a while.

I strung ropes to ensure it wouldn’t come down on me (willow has a tendency to suddenly break) and they worked perfectly, although I couldn’t prevent it from coming partly down on the wire fence. So pericat had to help swivel it off. There’s a couple more branches I may cut, but that’s it for today; and beyond that it’s all too high for me to reach. I feel very virtuous.

But there were other things in the yard! I’ll post the pictures of spring flowers tomorrow, probably, but for now have some arbutus bark and a wee friend.

arbutus bark

arbutus bark

And here’s the little friend. There were actually two—one was in the veggie garden, where I spent some time weeding—but I only got pictures of this one.



At this time of year they’re pretty sluggish because it’s still cold. Let’s hope there will be a gazillion of them in the pond; it won’t be long now till the spring chorus starts.

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