Light and leaf

dead leaf on forest litter

For some reason I got this image all set up and put it in the folder of images that have been posted to this blog without actually ever doing the posting of said image. A little mystery of functionality, my brain.

dead leaf trailing in water


frost on dead maple leaves

We haven’t had many frosty mornings this winter. But I’m digging out the pix of the one I did manage to take some shots of.

frost on salal

Leaf and hose


ginko leaf on hose reel

I really like the combination of shapes and colours in this photo; I was delighted when I downloaded the images and saw how it had turned out. It’s a ginko leaf, fallen onto a hose reel, photographed in between periods of rain.

Smoky green

dark maple leaves

The leaves of one of our Japanese maples are turning from green to red. The interim stage is a fascinating smoky colour, dark and rather sullen.

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