dew on spiderweb


From that bike ride

black and white image of bike in meadow

I stopped and took quite a few pictures on that bike ride. This one is black and white because I accidentally swivelled a knob. But I liked it anyway; it quite catches the feel of the morning, which was both foggy and frosty.

top of old stump
A little frost on an old stump…

dew on branch

dew on branch

dew on branch
…and a lot of dew hanging from branches.

Winter light

The light of a winter sun is one of my favourite things. So have some beauty to share.

old wood and fern
Old wood and bracken
dew on salal leaf
Dew on a salal leaf
fungus on tree trunk
Fungus on a tree trunk
shadow on tree trunk
Shadow on tree trunk

Dew on moss

tiny dewdrops on moss

The moss meadows have quite a few varieties of mosses—this type seems to be especially good at picking up dew on a foggy day.

Daisy and dew

dew on daisy

It’s been really humid these last few days—today worse then yesterday, when I took this picture. The dew was heavy, still there at 10 in the morning.

Luncheon feathers

arthrodod-like feather, with dew
Is it a shrimp, or some other sea creature, or...?

I found another luncheon stump the other day, where Something had made a meal of Something Feathered.  This time I took closeups of the feathers—it was a dewy, dewy day, and the wee droplets sparkled. This one doesn’t even really look like a feather, but some exotic creature with an extremely complex exoskeleton and a lot of antennae. Or legs. With arthropods it can be hard to tell.

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Dew through a leaf

dew through a leaf 1

Both of these pictures of dew on a leaf are taken with the dew seen through the leaf—it’s the effect of the light that defines the shapes of the water droplets on the back of the leaves. I was quite taken with the fuzzy otherworldliness of these. I think I like the first one best, but the second one reminds me of sand shaped by waves.

dew through a leaf 2

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