Blue(ish) bells

lavenderish bluebells

More lavender bells, really.

Yellow pansies with raindrops

closeup of yellow pansy with raindrops 1

On the whole I prefer the pansies with varied colours, but even monochromatic yellow has its charm when sprinkled with diamonds.

closeup of yellow pansy with raindrops 2

Bedraggled tulip

bedraggled tulip 1

We have some beautiful but rather feeble tulips in one corner of our garden; who would have known that after a rain the most bedraggled were the most photogenic?

bedraggled tulip 2

bedraggled tulip 3

bedraggled tulip 4

bedraggled tulip 5

Mystery weed

mystery weed from the side
Mystery weed from the side

So I was walking across the gravel walkway in our yard, in which I fight a constant battle with encroaching weeds, and suddenly—hey, wait, I’ve never seen a weed like that before. So I got out the field guides and tried to identify it. No luck so far. Anyone got suggestions?

mystery weed from above
Mystery weed from above

It’s very small. The flower is about 1/4 inch wide. There are 5 pointed white petals and a tight cluster of yellow stamens. There’s green bits in the centre of the flower around the stamens—you can see them best in the third picture.

mystery weed from three quarter angle
Mystery weed, flattering three-quarter view

The petals were straining back like those in a lily, but it closed up in the evening, and today the backward direction wasn’t as noticeable. There are buds for new blooms, and you can see the fruit from older ones, those green globes (on the right in the first pic).

I don’t know whether to cherish it or run screaming to the burn pile (well, assuming we were allowed to burn anything at the moment). I’ve compromised by putting it in a pot for the time being.

Pink and white

bergenia flowers

Another photo taken earlier this spring, one of the many mystery plants that came with our place when we bought it. I believe it’s a bergenia.

Wild roses

wild rose, Rosa nutkana

One of my favourite flowers—to be honest, I much prefer wild roses to the cultivated varieties. This is a Rosa nutkana, found in the 707 community park.

A wee Rosa gymnocarpa appeared in our yard last year (likely it was there before but it’s a weedy bit so it could easily go unnoticed—and this year, having reached the grand height of 18 inches, it has put out some tiny blooms. I am overcome with delight. I am also hoping I never need to transplant it, as it has a LOT of prickles.

Streambank springbeauty

closeup of Montia parvifolia flower

AKA small-leaved montia, Montia parvifolia when one is formally introduced. We have mats of this growing on one side of our property right now, though that’s not where I took these photos.

Montia flower shot from below

Montia parvifolia

Buck bean

Buck bean, Menyanthes trifoliata

This is one of my favourite plants in our pond—buck bean, Menyanthes trifoliata—and luckily it’s not only easy to grow but also apparently good for the pond. And the flowers, when you can get close enough to see the details, are so pretty.

buck bean flower

First 2013 rhodos

pink rhododendron

I like taking pictures of rhododendrons. I expect I’ll take more. But these are the first this year.

orange rhododendron

It’s so convenient having a forest next to our yard when I want dramatic shots against dark backgrounds.

white rhododendrons

The last batch

Amphitrite Point lighthouse

This is the last set of pictures from the trip to the west coast of Vancouver Island—the odds and ends. This first one is the lighthouse at Amphitrite Point—spectacular in a storm, but not too shabby on a sunny day either. (I just discovered there’s a live webcam of this lighthouse, now there’s something to bring up on a story day!)

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At the beach

blue eyed mary

Just a short ramble, but lots to see, starting with the blue-eyed mary growing on the outcroppings.


Along with a lot of other plants. I do like the patterns made by the mix of sandstone and vegetation.


But just plain rock is nice too.

orange flower

This is kind of paintbrushy, but I don’t think it really is paintbrush. Or maybe it is.

orange flowers

Whatever, there was a lot of it.

Not bad for wandering along a hundred feet or so of foreshore.

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