Well, not all of them are odd, but certainly there were some on a recent walk.

split tree trunk

This was the first one. Why had someone chiseled 3 holes into this tree trunk? It was done by humans, not animals; I know pileated woodpeckers peck rectangular holes, but they aren’t quite as rectangular and smooth-sided as this. And it looked like it was a few years old, and dug in rather than being a simple blaze.

But here’s the other thing—the tree originally caught my eye because it was so obviously 2 trees nestled together; the trunks stood out because they were differently coloured.

top of treetrunk that's not split

Except they weren’t. Higher up, they were clearly joined, and in fact the split doesn’t go through to the other side of the tree.

old burned out stump

This burned out stump wasn’t an oddity, particularly, but the hole was like an eye to the rest of the forest.

tree stump hanging in air

Another oddity. When trees fall over I’m not used to seeing the end with the roots suspended fifteen feet up. (It had fallen into the space between two other trees and jammed fairly high off the ground, and the weight of the crown had pulled the root ball into the air.)

mushrooms on treetrunk

And this isn’t an oddity at all, just some nice fungus.

details of underside of mushrooms

And a detail, because I can.

Today I walked a new trail.

dog on very overgrown trail

This, however, is not it. This is an old trail that I walked first. It’s, erm, a little overgrown at the moment.


Does Our Dog care about that, though? Nah!

dog foot in moss

Gratuitous photo of Our Dog’s foot in moss, just because both are so pretty.

trail through moss

And okay, here’s a picture of part of the new (to me) trail. It’s a pretty one.


forest trail in fog 1
Setting out. A bit damp, but awfully pretty.

“Where shall we go this foggy morning?” I thought. Well. Where better than a forest?

forest trail in fog 2

forest trail in fog 4

forest trail in fog 3
Looking up—layers and layers
forest trail in fog 4
Dog on log in fog.  —I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself.
Dog on log in fog. (I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

Explored a new trail today

salal and alders
This is the trail. Yes, this. Right in front of me.

An awfully pretty trail. It’s considerably better than a deer trail, having been made by single-track mountain bikers, despite what the above photo looks like. There are not many places where it’s confusing about what is trail and what is not.

It was also much brighter in there than these pictures show, but I didn’t want to flatten out the intensity of colours and contrasts by lightening them too much.

I was thankful to reach the connection to trails I know well before it started getting dark, though.

salal and alders with sun peeking through them
This, on the other hand, is not trail. Even though it looks like it should be.


A glow of light

light patch on end of alder log

I spotted this patch of light on the end of a fallen tree that had been cut back so it wouldn’t block the trail. It just glowed there in the shadows. Quite amazing.

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