In the yard today

tree, ladder, branch

This took up most of my time in the yard today. It’s a weeping willow, and one of the trunks hangs over the veggie garden. I can’t deal with all of it with a pruning saw, so a professional is going to have to handle most of it. But I can deal with some of it! Yesterday and today I took off a couple of side branches; you can see where they were cut. One of the branches is in the foreground. It’s about six inches diameter where I made the cut, and yes, it was done with a pruning saw on a ten foot extendable arm.

It took a while.

I strung ropes to ensure it wouldn’t come down on me (willow has a tendency to suddenly break) and they worked perfectly, although I couldn’t prevent it from coming partly down on the wire fence. So pericat had to help swivel it off. There’s a couple more branches I may cut, but that’s it for today; and beyond that it’s all too high for me to reach. I feel very virtuous.

But there were other things in the yard! I’ll post the pictures of spring flowers tomorrow, probably, but for now have some arbutus bark and a wee friend.

arbutus bark

arbutus bark

And here’s the little friend. There were actually two—one was in the veggie garden, where I spent some time weeding—but I only got pictures of this one.



At this time of year they’re pretty sluggish because it’s still cold. Let’s hope there will be a gazillion of them in the pond; it won’t be long now till the spring chorus starts.

Raining frogs

perky treefrog
What the…?

We have an outdoor “insta-shed” that’s really just a fitted tarp over a frame. Today I unrolled the door flap—which has been rolled up for quite some time—and three treefrogs fell out. This was one of them.

laid back treefrog
Does this look laid back or what?
tree frog closeup of eye
My god, the eye.


Green and green

froglet on sage leaf

There was a froglet on our sage plant yesterday.

froglet ready to jump

It didn’t much like having closeups taken, and prepared to jump. But then it got distracted by a bug and forgot everything else for a while.

Frogs watching bugs express an extraordinary level of… attention.

Shadow on a leaf

shadow on iris leaf

At this time of year, sometimes I see a shadow on an iris leaf. It’s worth looking to see what’s on the other side.

froglet on iris leaf
This frog was MUCH smaller than it looks in the picture—the perspective of my hand is deceiving. It was about half an inch long.

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