An unusual bounty

We have a pear tree. We think it’s probably a Bartlett. It’s not a very successful pear tree; for the first couple of years we owned the place I didn’t prune it, and it produced only a handful of tiny gnarly spotty pears. By the time we cut the nasty bits out we only managed one small bowl of fruit each.

Then I looked up pear trees, and how to care for them, and, well, I don’t do everything I should but I do prune. But it’s still not a very successful pear tree. We’ve never gotten more than a dozen pears off it, though their quality has improved significantly.

Until this year.

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the battle continues

As explained in a previous post, this year I ran netting across the entire top of the veggie garden, because the raspberries and blueberries had decided to produce fruit at the same time. A great benefit to me in many ways, because it’s made walking around the plot so much easier.

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Garden netting is a pain in the ass to set up, but I do it every year because if I don’t, the birds get all the blueberries and raspberries, and after letting them have the cherries I draw the line. (I also like blueberries and raspberries a lot better than cherries.) Continue reading “Netting”



The dianthus is blooming.



some kind of onion flower buds

… and blue. This is some kind of ornamental (?) onion that pops up in the lavender bed every year. It’s very subtle but I really like it.

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