Ice cage

bulrushes in ice

We’ve had a strange winter. There’s been very little precipitation (which is worriesome) and not much cold weather, by cold meaning below freezing. Winter has gone elsewhere this year, as the eastern side of North America knows very well.

But it has frozen occasionally, and this cage of old bulrushes set in ice comes from one of those occasions.

Look! Ice!

puddle ice 1

Seriously limited in scope, but for those of us who are as deprived as I’ve been, ice nonetheless.

puddle ice 2

puddle ice 3

Crumply ice

crumply ice on sandstone

More pictures from the batch I took some days ago—it’s looking like that may be the last (and only) ice that I see this year.

more crumply ice on sandstone

Seeing things

shapes in ice on a puddle

There’s a gryphon in this picture. Rather untraditionally, it’s been crossed with, well, I think it’s a rhinoceros and a duck.

Oh, and there’s a baby elephant blasting water from its trunk.

Obligatory ice

rock "eyes" in ice patterns

This morning when I headed out there had been a hard frost and there was lots of ice on the puddles. When I crossed the seeps on the path through the moss meadow, I swear I twitched with the urge to pull out my camera—but there wasn’t time to stop and take pictures.

(There would have been, except for having to return an escapee acquaintance of the canine variety to his caretaker, who appeared quite horrified to discover that said canine apparently is capable of going over the fence when he sees something interesting—which was in this case me, as I’d said hi to him and precipitated the whole event.)

At any rate, there wasn’t time to spare for pictures—as it was, I missed walking on with the first set of foot passengers and had to embark with the group following the cars. But I’d badly wanted to take those pictures, so as a substitute I dug around and found a couple of nice ones from a month or so ago.

The common thread is the wee rocks that almost give them faces—eyes in the first, a dog-like nose (my imagination perhaps inspired by the morning’s events?) in the second.

patterns in ice with a rock "nose"


lines in ice on a puddle 1

These are more of the photos I took a few days ago when it was cold. They’re all of ice on puddles in the same general area. I love it when lines like this form, but I have no idea why they do. In this set the lines were all long and exceedingly elegant.

I didn’t notice until I looked at the photo, but there’s also a line along the junction between the ice and the dirt. I’m not sure if it’s discoloured ice or just a wee ridge of dirt pushed up by the ice’s expansion.

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Ice, ice, ice

ice over sandstone

There’s a reason I love cold, crisp days, and this is it. You’ve no idea how delighted I was when I woke up to find ice on pond and puddles. And sun! I took 163 pictures in a 2-hour walk. I did not take 163 good pictures, but with that many I was almost bound to find some I liked.

I am particularly entranced by frost and ice, so I took quite a few of those subjects. I’ll be posting more over the coming days. These were taken where a seep from a moss meadow runs over sandstone. Lethal to walk on, but oh-so-pretty to photograph.

ice over sandstone closeup

Ice and snow—please?

leaf, grass, ice

This year all the forecasts I heard in the fall said that it was going to be a cold winter, with lots of rain. Somehow that hasn’t panned out quite as expected. We’ve had much less rain than usual, and it hasn’t been very cold—December saw all kinds of records for the highest temperature ever.

Well, I have to confess that I like snow better than rain, even if it does require shovelling. I spent formative years in the Northwest Territories, where snow was snow, not this slushy nonsense that you get on the southern coast of BC. Snow is pretty, and bright, and it makes me feel good, especially when I’m skiing on it. However, on the south coast where what falls from the sky is generally heavy wet snow, it’s a pain in the butt to drive on—it tends to be supersaturated and compacts into what is essentially ice in no time at all. So in deference to all those drivers—including me—I don’t pray for snow. (Well, maybe just for a little, just a foot and a half, over the holidays, with the proviso that it disappears after 3 days.)

On the other hand, I do pray for frosty days that produce ice on puddles. They’re wonderful to take pictures of. But this year there hasn’t even been much frost, and my puddle-pictures haven’t had a lot of range. The one above is one of only a few I’ve been able to take. It’s been disappointing, and kind of unnerving. Winter! Ice is supposed to be on puddles. The lilies are NOT supposed to be sprouting already. Having weather so warm at the end of December/beginning of January that I’ve seriously considered taking off my fleecy and walking in shirt sleeves is Just Wrong.

I don’t like it. I’ll defer the snow to higher elevations, but I want my ice.

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