Three leaves

reddish-brown fallen leaf
Erm… a leaf. Dead.


leaf miner tracks on arbutus leaf
Leaf miner tracks on an arbutus leaf


shadowed salal leaf
Salal leaf


Dead leaf and ridged boards

closeup of dead leaf on old ridged boards

I’ve tagged this “autumn leaves” because it is… although by now, having hung around for months, it’s more of a winter leaf. Not colourful, the way autumn leaves are thought of, because it’s from a kiwi vine, and they don’t do colour when dying. But on a January day with low sun and the ridged wood on the back deck bleached out, I think that very lack of bright colour becomes something kinda special.

Leaf and hose


ginko leaf on hose reel

I really like the combination of shapes and colours in this photo; I was delighted when I downloaded the images and saw how it had turned out. It’s a ginko leaf, fallen onto a hose reel, photographed in between periods of rain.

The most amazing leaves

closeup of multi-coloured leaves 1

We have (yet another) mystery plant in our yard. I thought it might be some kind of bergenia, but the leaves don’t seem to be right—they’re distinctly palmate, and the photos I’ve seen of bergenia leaves are distinctly not. In the spring it sends up tall stalks from its corms with sprays of lovely pinkish flowers—not a leaf in sight at that point— and then the flowers die back and eventually the leaves grow. It’s a big plant, the leaves are as big as those of the gunnera next to it (in fact, overall, the plant is bigger than the gunnera) and it stands three to four feet high.

And in the autumn, this is what the leaves do.  Continue reading “The most amazing leaves”

Fern shadow

fern shadow

Every once in a while my camera gets notional and resets itself to defaults—I haven’t a clue why, it just whirs and suddenly the flash is turned on again the next time I take a picture in dim lighting. Which is what happened here, with the result that the flash blew out the shadow on one side of the leaf. But I kinda liked the effect this time.

Backlit leaf

closeup of gunnera leaf

We’ve had a lot of rain lately—good for the lettuce and our cistern, but there’s something wrong about wanting to turn on the heat in July (we resisted). However, we have had some sun, and these photos are the result. They’re backlit gunnera leaves.

another shot of a backlit gunnera leaf

Vanilla leaf

Vanilla leaf 4
Light! Light! Give us light!

Vanilla leaf is one of the first signs of spring, and it’s such a nice one, so bright and green and lush against the greys and browns left over from winter. So I’ve been taken lots of pictures of it—these are a few of the results.

vanilla leaf 3
That out of focus dot on the top of the left-hand leaf would be a wee spider.
vanilla leaf 1
This was from a patch that had turned reddish in places—not sure what that's about.

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