Three leaves

reddish-brown fallen leaf
Erm… a leaf. Dead.


leaf miner tracks on arbutus leaf
Leaf miner tracks on an arbutus leaf


shadowed salal leaf
Salal leaf


Dead leaf and ridged boards

closeup of dead leaf on old ridged boards

I’ve tagged this “autumn leaves” because it is… although by now, having hung around for months, it’s more of a winter leaf. Not colourful, the way autumn leaves are thought of, because it’s from a kiwi vine, and they don’t do colour when dying. But on a January day with low sun and the ridged wood on the back deck bleached out, I think that very lack of bright colour becomes something kinda special.

Leaf and hose


ginko leaf on hose reel

I really like the combination of shapes and colours in this photo; I was delighted when I downloaded the images and saw how it had turned out. It’s a ginko leaf, fallen onto a hose reel, photographed in between periods of rain.

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