Green. Very green.

green leaves

I’m not absolutely sure, but I think the tree with these leaves is a catalpa of some kind. At any rate, it’s sending up some new leafy growth at the moment, and they’re surprisingly brown compared to the older leaves. The opposite route from that most leaves follow.

Birdie leaves

vvery new leaves on a maple

This is a photo from a couple of weeks ago when one of the maples in the front yard was just putting out new leaves. I was startled by how much the pairs with the sheathes looked like little birds, all alert and ready to fly.

Unseasonably green

patterns of green leaves

That’s because the photo was taken quite a while ago. It’s been so grey and wet and generally grey that I thought it was time to pull out a photo from a different season.

Smoky green

dark maple leaves

The leaves of one of our Japanese maples are turning from green to red. The interim stage is a fascinating smoky colour, dark and rather sullen.

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