lichen tendrils

This is a ground-growing lichen I spotted while we were out having a picnic today. I’m not someone who knows much about lichens, so I can’t tell you which exact one this is, but the rooty-looking things are rhizines, used to anchor the lichen (I assume it had been disturbed from its usual position). I think that the bulbous tan-coloured things at the tips of the lobes are apothecia, fruiting bodies. Beautiful, aren’t they?


Winter moss garden

moss garden on log

What a pretty little garden.


moss and lichen

Green and green

bright green lungwort on fallen brown maple leaves
Lungwort (Lobaria pulmonaria)

It’s amazing how different the greens of different kinds of lichen can be.

British soldiers (Cladonia bellidiflora)



sandstone concretion with lichens

An oddity—there usually isn’t this kind of colour differentiation between concretions and the surrounding sandstone. The orangish lichens give it a very idiosyncratic look.

Snow on stumps

snow around a few blades of grass on a stump

The first snow of the season arrived last night—not very much, but with enough of a storm to knock out our power for five and a half hours—and then the sun poked its head through this afternoon, so I went out and took some pictures.

"British soldier" lichens poking up through the snow

These little British soldier lichens look like a hopeless lot of recruits that got lost on maneuvers. Perhaps the sergeant is considering teaching them to build a snow cave.

Lichen texture garden

lichen textures 1

A few days ago I found a lovely little lichen garden on a fallen tree. Here are some shots from it. I was fascinated by the textural patterning and how it all fitted together, and the subtlety of the colours.

lichen textures 2

lichen textures 3

British soldiers

British soldier lichen (cladonia)

Since I’m on a lichen roll….

This is somewhat related to my last post, in that there’s British Soldier lichen (Cladonia cristatella) in both of them, but it was taken at a different location. I like these little guys, so stiff and solemn in their uniforms, nodding towards each other so formally.

Tiny black lichen

closeup of little black lichen "bubbles" on a rock
...on a rock.

Aren’t these cool? I’m not even sure how I spotted them, as they were pretty small. It’s some kind of little black lichen growing on a rock; I’m not anywhere near my field guides at the moment, so I haven’t a clue what it is. What I thought was interesting was the way it’s growing in concentric circles.

And it showed up on a truly gorgeous rock, just covered in a lichen-y rainbow of colours.

lichen-covered rock
Looks like sea urchins have been grazing here....

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