A discovery

One of the things I like about having a 700 acre park to explore is that you keep finding new trails even after some years of intensive exploration. Yesterday some of us found a new-to-us trail; I’m not sure how long it’s actually been there. I suspect it’s fairly recent or I’d have noticed it before. Anyway, Our Dog and I came back today to walk it in the other direction.

two trails

Not all trails are very noticeable. (Yes, the arrow indicates the trail we found.) I tend to follow what look like deer trails off the main trails, just to see if they turn into something more substantive; I’ve found quite a few trails this way.


Ah yes. The mountain bikers have been working on this one. I ride my bike on trails by preference, but not on those trails that require me to go up and down big piles of wood or over big rocks (or negotiate drop-offs—my bike’s suspension may be capable of it, but my personal suspension is past its best-by date).

light catching jelly fungus

And I found a photographic treasure today; jelly fungus catching a wee bit of light.

Winter light

The light of a winter sun is one of my favourite things. So have some beauty to share.

old wood and fern
Old wood and bracken
dew on salal leaf
Dew on a salal leaf
fungus on tree trunk
Fungus on a tree trunk
shadow on tree trunk
Shadow on tree trunk

Black and white, February 15th, 2016

There’s a trail I hike fairly regularly that’s lined with alder; at this time of year the trunks and shadows make lovely patterns, and I decided to take some black and white images for a change.

path through winter alders

alder trunks in winter

alder trunks in winter

alder trunks in winter

old wood
And some bonus old wood.

Crocus crop

crocuses lying on ground

They’ve been busily popping up everywhere…. and I’m finally getting round to posting some pictures of them.

purple crocus

purple crocuses 2

purple crocuses 3

purple crocuses 1

A glow of light

light patch on end of alder log

I spotted this patch of light on the end of a fallen tree that had been cut back so it wouldn’t block the trail. It just glowed there in the shadows. Quite amazing.

Autumn hydrangea

fading hydrangea flowers 1

It’s pissing rain right now, so I’ll pretend it’s nicer weather and post some pictures taken a week or so ago, of the hydrangea.

fading hydrangea flowers 2

This is the same plant I posted pictures of here.

fading hydrangea flowers 3

Even as the flowers turn over and fade it stays beautiful.

fading hydrangea flowers 4

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