From January 14th

From yesterday’s walk in the woods.

light cast on shadowed tree trunk light on sword fern british soldier fungus closeup of moss

closeup of moss on stone


Today’s walk

…was rather nice, considering it rained for some of the time.

We found mushrooms. (This one was about 8 or 9 inches in diameter.)

mushroom in ferns

We found a strange white fungus on a tree trunk, oozing liquid.

white fungus

We found autumn leaves, of course.

maple leaves

We found the edge between sandstone and cedar.

cedar growing on big rock

We found apples!


We found one of the most beautiful nurse logs I’ve ever seen.

nurse log

We found the vegetation at the edge of the marsh, all in layers.

edge of the marsh

We found autumn leaves in the cleft of a rock.

maple leaves in cleft in rock

We found a very good time with friends.

The last batch

Amphitrite Point lighthouse

This is the last set of pictures from the trip to the west coast of Vancouver Island—the odds and ends. This first one is the lighthouse at Amphitrite Point—spectacular in a storm, but not too shabby on a sunny day either. (I just discovered there’s a live webcam of this lighthouse, now there’s something to bring up on a story day!)

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Mossy oddity

ball of moss at intersection of small branches

This bush seems to have dropped all its leaves for winter, but acquired moss balls as a replacement. (It was one of several bushes like this.)

lots of moss balls on branches of bush

Dew on moss

tiny dewdrops on moss

The moss meadows have quite a few varieties of mosses—this type seems to be especially good at picking up dew on a foggy day.

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