An excursion

tidal inlet

Every once in a while we leave our island and go Somewhere Else; this was one of those days. Weather a bit iffy, but on the whole good, mostly cloud to keep us cool with occasional sunny breaks later to cheer us. We took our bikes on a foot ferry to Newcastle Island, a provincial park, and rode around the whole thing (well, as much as was designated bike trail). At one point we dumped the bikes and took our panniers (memo to self: use backpack next time) to a beach where we ate granola bars (or in my case, a muffin) and whistled at a raccoon that hadn’t looked around to see who was there when it came onto the beach. (Much startlement!) Then we ambled with our bikes to a viewpoint and finished lunch. Then we headed home and the brief rain just missed us.

marsh grass

These pictures are from a little mini-inlet that runs from ocean into a saltgrass meadow. I was quite taken by the grass, which looked astonishingly like someone had given it a bad haircut. There were a couple of nondescript brown birds running around in the grass; I’m not positive as I didn’t have binos but I think they were cowbirds. There were also three killdeer on the mud, with much birdy yelling—I suspect a youngun asking for food and parents saying “You’re on your own now, kiddo.”

looking out at the ocean with the city in the distance

A lovely day altogether.

Threatening weather

ocean and storm clouds over land

It’s been raining quite a bit over the last couple of days, doesn’t feel like summer at all. It rained this morning, then seemed to clear in the afternoon, so I grabbed Our Dog and headed down to the beach.

Well of course, by the time I’d gotten out to the lowest low tide point, way out on the flats, the rain was back. And me with no rainjacket, silly optimist that I am.

Oh well. I ignored it, except for cursing that the wind was driving it against exactly the direction I wanted to take pictures into. After a bit it let up, and actually brightened up, but there was more coming, as is clear in this photo. So we headed back in before the next burst hit.

A nice excursion, all in all.

Underwater pinkness

pink crust on rock in tidepool

At very low tides on rocky beaches I sometimes see a pinkish crusty… something… on the rocks. Maybe some kind of hydrocoral? I’m not great on species that generally require a wetsuit and scuba gear to examine closely.

Anyway, this rock caught a bit of sunlight and glowed pinkly under the weed in a tide pool. The sun went behind a cloud the instant I uncapped my camera, of course, but a bit of the pink glow was still there.

The last batch

Amphitrite Point lighthouse

This is the last set of pictures from the trip to the west coast of Vancouver Island—the odds and ends. This first one is the lighthouse at Amphitrite Point—spectacular in a storm, but not too shabby on a sunny day either. (I just discovered there’s a live webcam of this lighthouse, now there’s something to bring up on a story day!)

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Yes, I’ve been lazy.

Long Beach, Vancouver Island

But partly it’s been because I’ve been away for a few days… here.

Long Beach, Vancouver Island. One of the prettiest places on earth. I’ll post more pictures over the next few days.

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