The last day of February

Where did the time go? Well, some of it went to walking in the woods.

winter alders
Light and shadow and it’s still wintery enough for the light to be all golden.

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From that bike ride

black and white image of bike in meadow

I stopped and took quite a few pictures on that bike ride. This one is black and white because I accidentally swivelled a knob. But I liked it anyway; it quite catches the feel of the morning, which was both foggy and frosty.

top of old stump
A little frost on an old stump…

dew on branch

dew on branch

dew on branch
…and a lot of dew hanging from branches.

Winter light

The light of a winter sun is one of my favourite things. So have some beauty to share.

old wood and fern
Old wood and bracken
dew on salal leaf
Dew on a salal leaf
fungus on tree trunk
Fungus on a tree trunk
shadow on tree trunk
Shadow on tree trunk

Black and white, February 15th, 2016

There’s a trail I hike fairly regularly that’s lined with alder; at this time of year the trunks and shadows make lovely patterns, and I decided to take some black and white images for a change.

path through winter alders

alder trunks in winter

alder trunks in winter

alder trunks in winter

old wood
And some bonus old wood.

Frosty needles

And a few other things.

closeup of fir needles with melting ice drops 1

The dew on the needles had frozen overnight and was just starting to melt, so if I bumped into a tree I got showered in tiny ice pellets.

closeup of fir needles with melting ice drops 2closeup of fir needles with melting ice drops 3

There were also pretty stumps…

stump with plants and lichen

And broken trees…

split tree trunk

This broken tree trunk was so interesting I took a black and white picture too.

split tree trunk in black and white

An altogether satisfactory morning walk.

Dead leaf and ridged boards

closeup of dead leaf on old ridged boards

I’ve tagged this “autumn leaves” because it is… although by now, having hung around for months, it’s more of a winter leaf. Not colourful, the way autumn leaves are thought of, because it’s from a kiwi vine, and they don’t do colour when dying. But on a January day with low sun and the ridged wood on the back deck bleached out, I think that very lack of bright colour becomes something kinda special.

Odd wood

old wood with odd markings

I’m not sure what caused the yellow colouring or the odd markings on this old snag, but it’s an interesting effect.

Old wood

closeup of bits of wood on an old rootball

It’s been a little hectic, so I haven’t been posting as many photos as usual. But today I found an old root ball with some interesting bits.

the same bits but showing more

Looks to me like the smaller bit of wood is in an animated conversation with the rather bored larger bit.

Worn wood

worn wood 1

We have split rail fencing as a feature in parts of our front yard garden. It’s been there for quite a few years, dating from well before our ownership of the house, and it’s getting some lovely textures.

worn wood 2

worn wood 3

I do like old wood.

Rock embedded in beach log

rock embedded in beach log

Logs that have been tossed up onto beaches are often pretty much the worse for wear—the wood is worn and sometimes gets almost soft where the grain has been broken. But there’s nothing soft about the way big logs get tossed up onto a beach. And that’s particularly obvious when you notice that the force of it embeds rocks into them.

This photo looks to me like an egg in a nest or maybe a rock perched on the crest of a wave—appropriate, when you think about it.

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