Gnarled wood

gnarled wood

I quite often crop photos—well, to be honest, I almost always crop photos before I post them. For me, playing with an image, looking at how the compositional relationships change when the defined area changes, is part of the pleasure of photography (hey, I’m a graphic designer).

But this one I didn’t crop, in the end. I like the way the extension of it confuses the perspective—what’s concave? what’s convex? what’s up and down? is that inside or outside? And I like the way it looks like it’s been put through a Photoshop filter, but hasn’t. And I like the way the light works with the focus, dramatically, to spotlight a particular area.

Old wood

wood on an old stumpy thing

It’s been a hectic day—out to a house concert last evening so I was up late, up early today to teach a class (one that ran for an extra half hour because of needing to talk with students), dash for a ferry, long time travelling home, and now I’m relaxing with a beer and an old well-read and well-loved mystery and entirely turning my mind off. I’ll answer emails and do work and catch up with most of my bloggy stuff tomorrow, but I did want to take a sliver of time and make sure I uploaded a picture today (I’m trying to post something every day, eek).

So it seemed appropriate to upload a picture of a sliver, more or less.

Okay, a bit bigger than a sliver. But a little flap of wood, sitting above the rest, on an old stump. I really liked the silvery texture of the wood and the way this bit curves and floats above it. It looked… alive.

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