Having given Our Dog some time recently, we should do something for teh kittehs.

two cats, one in a box
cat stretching toes right in lens of camera

By request

What happens when a cat licks a sleeping dog's face
Strange things happen when a cat licks your face when you’re asleep.

I’ve recently had complaints from at least two people that I haven’t been posting enough pet pictures. (I note that the complaints were species-specific—the dog person did not request cat pictures, and vice versa!) So by request….  Continue reading “By request”


For all those people who think our shy cats must be imaginary, since they’ve never seen them.

(I really should put music to this. Any suggestions?)

Mr and Ms December

cat cuddled against golden retriever belly

Cardhu and Bird made it into the Cats Alive buddies-themed fundraising calendar, because they were obligingly photogenic at the right time, but Pipkin wasn’t and didn’t. (Or should that be didn’t and wasn’t?) But here’s her very own “buddies” pic. (Taken with an iPad in veeerrrry dim light…)

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