Going slow

shady trail through woods with golden retriever
This is where we go for bike rides. Aren’t we lucky?

It’s hard to be a longhaired dog on a warm day. Especially when you’re nine and don’t have the energy you used to. Especially when you really, really WANT TO GO FOR A WALK and your people want to go for a bike ride.

So compromises get made. The bikes go, but they go very slowly.

dog drinking from cloth water bowl
There are frequent stops for short rest and water breaks and everyone has their own water dish.

We stop for a loooonnnnng rest at the lookout. That way the people can eat an energy bar and look at the flowers.

field of daisies
Daisies! Invasive, but awfully pretty.

While the humans are doing silly things like taking pictures (well, one human) the dog gets to relax in the shade. (And maybe be a bit goofy and eat a stick that was home to a bunch of ants.)


It works out for everyone.

happy golden retriever
See? I told you you’d be happier if you took me with you.

Before the snow

looking down at feet on very narrow snow-covered trail between salal
Feets, don’t fail me now.

Yes, I know, that’s snow on the ground. But it’s last week’s snow, still hanging about and getting a bit grubby. I just threw all my snow pictures promiscuously together, whaddaya gonna do about it?

Anyway. The broken foot has meant I haven’t been doing much any walking to speak of for the last couple of months, but I’m trying to get going again. I have to walk slowly and take shorter strides and constantly remind myself to PAY ATTENTION in order to avoid limping*, but I am beginning to gain back strength and flexibility and what could in the most clinical medical terms be described as oomph in my foot. (I can actually walk down stairs with both feet now, sometimes without hanging on to the rail—a triumph!)

I decided that trail walking is probably actually very good for the foot, as it forces all those little muscles to compensate for irregularities in the ground, so I’m trying to get out and do more of that. Hence these pictures from yesterday’s walk, which wandered along one of my favourite trails (one of the narrow ones) and lasted almost an hour. I didn’t cover a LOT of territory, but hey, it was quality.

blurred dog on narrow trail
Fun! Fun! There’s snow! Fun!

Our Dog certainly thought so. He was delighted by the snow and as you can see it was hard to get him to hold still for a picture.

Well, maybe one.

handsome golden retriever on trail
What a perfect day for a walk!

* Who am I fooling? I limp.

Autumn fogs

golden retriever standing in calm ocean, fog in background
Our Dog doesn’t care if it’s foggy—as long as there’s water to stand in.

One of the things I love about autumn on the west coast is the fogs. Oh, they can make the days dull and grey, but they also leave everything festively strewn with tiny glorious glittering drops. And when you get both sun and fog—well.   Continue reading “Autumn fogs”

On a hot day the best place to lie…

golden retriever lying on strawberry plants

…is ON the strawberries.

(It’s not as bad as it looks. These are volunteers and are growing entirely in the shade, where they make nice ground cover but are unlikely to ever produce much in the way of fruit. But still.)

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