January ice

ice on puddle

It’s been more cold than not for a month or so now, and that means ice on puddles. And I love taking pictures of ice. So here’s a start, from recent excursions.

ice on puddle

The ice is pretty thick; this chunk, tossed up previously from a puddle, is a couple of inches thick. (And today I caught Our Dog walking across the ice on the slough—argh.)

ice in water-filled bucket

You find interesting things in the woods sometimes; this bucket was left by someone working on an unofficial trail. As far as I could see the ice in it was solid all the way down.

ice on puddle

And it’s so varied, especially when we start getting a bit of hoarfrost.

ice on puddle

ice on puddle

ice on puddle


Hard light

strong light/shade contrasts in ice patterns

I know spring is here—I’ve been taking pictures of the early flowers—but I’m not quite ready to give up on pictures of ice.

ice patterns
Like burnished metal
ice with dark streambed showing through
Almost like it’s flowing—but not quite
incredibly complex patterns on ice
I mean, how can you give up on something like this?

After the snow

snow covered yard and pond
Very, very pretty!

So this is what our yard looked like early this morning. The air was much warmer than it’s been and the snow that fell was soft and wetter. Interestingly, the warmth seemed to give everything a browner cast—it’s not just the way the camera shot it. Perhaps it was the effect of melting snow on the pond ice.

snow hanging from underside of branches
Isn’t snow supposed to sit on TOP of branches?

Lots of things to take pictures of, in any case.

patterns of fencing against snow
Snow plus badly strung garden fencing—a silver lining! interesting patterns!
prayer flags hung on garden netting
The prayer flags around the garden have gained back some colour by comparison.


Ice cage

bulrushes in ice

We’ve had a strange winter. There’s been very little precipitation (which is worriesome) and not much cold weather, by cold meaning below freezing. Winter has gone elsewhere this year, as the eastern side of North America knows very well.

But it has frozen occasionally, and this cage of old bulrushes set in ice comes from one of those occasions.

Dead leaf and ridged boards

closeup of dead leaf on old ridged boards

I’ve tagged this “autumn leaves” because it is… although by now, having hung around for months, it’s more of a winter leaf. Not colourful, the way autumn leaves are thought of, because it’s from a kiwi vine, and they don’t do colour when dying. But on a January day with low sun and the ridged wood on the back deck bleached out, I think that very lack of bright colour becomes something kinda special.

Cut wood

edge of freshly cut stump showing patterns in bark

I was intrigued by the patterns in the bark of this stump—one doesn’t usually see it so cleanly cut.

The odd coloured patch on the right is fresh sap: still quite sticky, as the Jack Russell terrier discovered when she jumped up on it.

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